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Dr. Thomas Snyder
President and Founder

Dr. Tom Snyder is the founder of Emotion Mining Technologies. Dr. Snyder practiced psychiatry for more than a decade while conceiving and inventing the Emotion Mining communication and research platform.

Leveraging his background in psychiatry, neuroscience and chemistry, Dr. Snyder developed algorithms which reveal that what people consciously say is not what they subconsciously truly seek. His innovation isolates the ‘soft’ factors under the surface of awareness and is configured to how the brain is hypothesized to work. Dr. Snyder’s method and system are the engine of the company’s technology platform used to measure and prioritize insights and understandings to drive behavior.

Dr. Snyder received his BS, PhD and MD degrees from Stanford University.

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Dr. Liam Fahey
Executive Director

Dr. Liam Fahey has more than 35 years of experience helping firms win through enhanced marketplace intelligence and insight. His consulting, teaching, research and writing enables organizations to win in the marketplace through deeper understanding of marketplace change.

Dr. Fahey advises leaders, conducts workshops, engages with work teams and consults to analysts.

Dr. Fahey is the author or editor of eight books, and over fifty articles and book chapters.

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Our next hire

We are currently hiring a number of positions, including Javascript Programmers, Data Scientists, Marketing Interns. Check out our open job positions.